Retail Pumps and Dispensers

SAMD represent Wayne Pumps in Southern Africa – one of the oldest and most respected pump and dispenser brands – fuelling vehicles for over a century. Our technical sales team will advise you of the pros and cons of whether to commission Pumps (Suction) or Dispensers (Pressure) for your site and will help you decide which is best for you from a single hose dispenser right up to multiple product, ten-hose with state of the art forecourt video display technology.

Wayne’s brand new global dispenser range, the Wayne Helix is now available to you through SAMD. As the foremost distributor of Wayne Pumps, SAMD also carry all the spares you’ll ever need, look after your warranty and can offer you a comprehensive dispenser maintenance plan, ensuring your Helix investment remains in as-new condition, serving your customers for years to come.

Choose your site size

Smaller site - Single, Dual, Quad hose and One/Two Product Dispensers


The Helix 1000 dispenser holds the smallest footprint in the Helix family. Equipped with the same Wayne DNA and core technologies as the rest of the family, the Helix 1000 dispenser is ideal for customers looking for basic features, high quality and reliability. Hose configuration is one or two hoses and one or two products in either pump or dispenser format.


If you’re working within a confined site, the Helix 2000 delivers practicality and the latest features – in a small package – ideal for small service stations that want the latest in technology and usability. Available as both lane and island-oriented models. Hose configuration is two to four hoses and one or two products are available in either pump or dispenser format.


With the smallest footprint of the H-Style models, the Helix 4000 dispenser offers a sleek and iconic look and can accommodate up to three metre length hose. Take advantage of multiple configurations, including blending options, payment and variable flow rates. From two to four hoses available and up to two products. (five with blending configuration)

Larger Site - Quad to Ten hose, Four to Five Product Dispensers


The Helix 5000 fuel dispenser boasts the aesthetics and capabilities of the Helix 4000, but has greater flexibility that can handle up to four metres of hose length and a four to eight hose configuration with up to four products supported.


The Helix 6000 fuel dispenser consolidates all the nozzles with the option to deliver up to five products, including alternative fuels, in a scalable framework that helps to optimise the dispenser size and layout for your forecourt. All hoses hidden within the hose handling cabinet. Are gathered on one side of the display area. Up to five hoses on each side.