Integra Point of Sale

AMD as a leading supplier of some of the world’s most recognised petroleum equipment brands throughout sub-equatorial Africa, recognised and understood the need for a robust Point of Sale system, designed in Africa for African conditions – So instead of starting from scratch, we took a tried and tested product, developed for the toughest retail environments – bar and hospitality - and already installed in over 1500 South African businesses and integrated it to the forecourt using one of the ITL Enabler forecourt controller, Fusion forecourt controller or DOMS. 

The result is a tightly integrated forecourt and retail solution, also with the capability to directly integrate third-party systems such as Automatic tank gauging for real time fuel reconciliation and attendant tagging systems for managing your forecourt staff.

The Integra software and hardware is already fully supported across South Africa and has a footprint in countries throughout Africa – including the French speaking countries. Our developers are all South African – giving you the peace of mind that we understand your operating environment intimately.
The result for you as a site-owner, is complete control over all aspects of your forecourt business dealing with all of the conditions peculiar to the African forecourt environment – with unlimited functionality from the simplest forecourt to a site with multiple shops or restaurants – all linked under one integrated system – that’s Integra – and what’s more, you’ll discover it’s highly affordable too, especially when compared to European or American equivalents.
Easy and secure touch screen login for your personnel using code, swipe card, tag or biometric finger print reader. Integra will also verify your forecourt attendant’s tag – ensuring the tag is with the attendant who it was issued to. Clock in and clock out, manage your site personnel and maintain accurate duty time sheets.
Pumps, Oils, C-Store Stock, Restaurant – all integrated on one easy to navigate touch order screen. Quick cash buttons mean no counting required and no counting errors. Integra can handle everything from restaurant management – tabs, tables, split bills, transfers right through to ringing up or scanning C-Store goods plus the integrated forecourt functionality pulls your pump sales directly through to your order screen.
No more messy and confusing cash up slips. All cash ups can now be done on touch screen – Lost a cash-up? No problem, Integra keeps all history in memory. Easy count means no need to count cash, simply enter the number of units of money being counted and Integra will do the counting for you. Security systems ensure that all cash handling and reconciliations are tied to the operator on shift at the time.
You have a business to run, which means you don’t want to spend your day wading through piles of paper to get relevant answers. Integra gives you up to the second live reporting showing you exactly what’s happening in your business - right now. Turnover from all sources, Restaurant open tables and tabs, GP Value and %, Top and bottom selling products, Spend per head, Top and bottom revenue generators in sites running multiple businesses on one Integra system.
Integra’s reporting detail allows you to drill right down and isolate any aspect of your business that you want to take a closer look at. Comprehensive sales analysis reporting shows you exactly what’s selling, what’s not and where your business is making its return. Whether you need answers on stock, sales, personnel, tax - Integra will provide you with the answer. Sort data exactly how you want it, whether by value, alphabetical, stock cost, profit margin or revenue – you can present anything you want, exactly how you want it. For a free, no-obligation consultation, contact us today
Real time trade analysis lets you select any date range you want and will give you a complete breakdown of what’s going on in the business. Analyse all revenue, whether cash, card, cheque or account. See exactly what the position is with till voids, returns, discounts or wastage so you are on top of who’s doing what. Snapshot detail of your stock movement, debtors, creditors and till statuses are all displayed on one easy to read screen.
Dry Stock Management – integrated supplier, pricing, purchase order, GRN matching and stock control.
  • C-Store – Integra handles unlimited stock lines, including bar codes, label printing and shelf labelling and integrates all scanning technology. 
  • Restaurant – if you’re running a restaurant on site, Integra will manage your recipe margins, staff, floor, tables, split-bills and tabs. 
  • Attendant Tagging – Integra monitors your attendant’s tags by checking the tag and the attendant’s clocking in – manage your staff on one Integra system. 
  • Full accounting – debtors, creditors , staff accounts, inventory, journals. Also seamlessly integrates to third party systems such as Pastel. 
  • Independent fuel debtor management – manage your local accounts, including prepayments on account – no more confusion on fuel account balances. 
  • Full accounting history reporting – all history is stored permanently 
  • 24-7 Country-wide Support 
  • Microsoft Certified Business Partner 
  • Rental and Leasing / Flexible Payment – we can make Integra very affordable
With Integra POS integrated through the Fusion Forecourt Controller you get:
  • Live remote access to forecourt
  • Integrated forecourt pumps and peripherals, through to back office
  • Wet Stock management*
  • Tank level monitoring *
  • Vehicle Tagging*
  • Price signs*
*Configured separately in conjunction with relevant peripheral equipment, such as tank probes, tags and price signs.