Commercial Pumps & Dispensers

We have a pump that will suit your commercial needs. The 12W mechanical pump with hand-drive or the Wayne Reliance or Helix electronic pump ranges, are all designed to operate 24/7 in the most demanding conditions.

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12W Mechanical Pump

The 12W is a fuel delivery work-horse that is designed for use in tough conditions in non-public fuelling environments, such as mines, commercial fleet, municipality and agriculture. It is mechanical, with no computer electronics and for areas where power may be a problem has an optional hand-drive attachment, allowing you to keep your vehicles moving, even when the lights go out. These units have proved immensely popular across Africa where operating conditions are tough.

Wayne Reliance Commercial pump/dispenser

The Wayne Reliance in Pump or dispenser format is a commercial electronic pump with an 80l/min capacity. The electronics utilise the same Wayne IGEM technology as all of the Wayne retail dispensers, offering seamless integration to peripheral technologies such as Fuel management systems, point of sale and forecourt controllers. The Wayne Reliance is suitable for public fuelling environments.

Wayne Helix 2000 Pump with super high capacity

If you’re looking for a commercial pump for superlative fuel delivery rates, then the Wayne Helix 2000 Super High Capacity is the pump you need. This single-product pump will deliver fuel at 180l/min with an optional second hose delivering at 70l/min. The Helix features the same Wayne IGEM electronics as the Retail dispenser line and is suitable for integration to forecourt control and third-party peripherals.