COVID-19 - SAMD's response and service capability during lockdown

The South African government ordered a nation-wide shutdown for 21 days as of Friday 27th March in order to try and arrest the rapid spread of the Corona virus.

Prior to this, SAMD's contingency plan swung into action and the vast majority of our employees were set up to work from home. All SAMD's key systems are cloud-based, and with the implementation of Microsoft teams to enable enhanced communications between employees, the company remains operational, although on a reduced basis as circumstances allow.

The service teams country-wide are all on standby for essential maintenance calls, typically a site or grade down, a health and safety risk or legal trade metrology conformance calibrations, and likewise the HVAC service teams are also available for urgent calls. Please do not log non-urgent calls for the time-being, but if you're in any doubt then do contact us for advice.

The company has been issued a certificate of authority to continue essential services and all of our technicians have been given specific training in managing the threat of Covid19 transmission in the field. Each technician has received an individual letter of authority to travel by the company.


SAMD Letter of Authority

All of our lines of communication remain open and as far as we are able, we will maintain business as close to normal as we can get. Herewith find our service contact details and escalation matrix:




Finally, we are mandated as South African website to draw attention to the information available nationally, published by the South African government at: