Transformation and Broad Based BEE.

SAMD - a proudly B-BBEE level 1 company - Empowering our people through equity participation, learning and skills development…

SAMD continues its transformation programs both internally and externally. In 2016, 25% of the equity of the company was transferred to the employees of the company, making everyone in SAMD an owner of the business they work in. Skills development plays a large part in progressing our people through the company into more senior management roles, dynamically changing the operational management team of the company.

The company also participates in financing and supporting third-party contracting companies to access the resources they need to participate directly for their own benefit in large scale maintenance contracts with major oil companies.

Our skills development intern program admits young interns from technical colleges giving them valuable and relevant direct work experience, setting them up for a bright future. We actively encourage and assist our workforce to study further and a number of our employees have benefited from this – advancing in skills as diverse as accounting and finance, to project management and engineering.

Our current BB-BEE certificate is as follows: